Gatorade: Fuel Force

Client: Gatorade
Year: 2017
Made at: Mediamonks
Role: asset creator, environment artist, illustrator and key artist.

Gatorade: Fuel Force is a webbrowser game and one of the first Snapchat games. With this quick rhythm game you can control the world’s top athletes to beat alien robots from space across six sports. Users can access the game by scanning one of the 300 million Fuel Force Snapcodes on Gatorade bottles. By tapping the controls at just the right time, users can prove themselves worthy of playing with stars such a Messi and Serena Williams.

For this game I’ve created the backgrounds, different poses for the characters, some interface screens, like the character select screen and assets for (intro and outro) animations.





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2d game artist from The Netherlands
Instagram: @sonjavanvuure

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