I’m Sonja van Vuure

A 2D game artist and art director that loves to work both digitally and with analog media (yes, even in games!) to create beautiful paintings or original art for games (from concept, to production, to promotion) and promotion art.

‘Sonja van Vuure is an artist with a great sense for style and art direction for video games. During projects she’s always amazingly fast and her art never disappoints (ask around!). As a colleague she always brings a positive mood to the team and knows how to communicate with every role.’ – Hernan Zhou (creator of Nom Cat)

I’ve got a big passion for games like Ori and the Blind Forest, Monument Valley, Year Walk, Child of Light and Sword & Sworcery EP. What they all have in common is an iconic artstyle. I like to work on games that can be described as visually iconic and original. It is what makes me happy. Contributing to that passion is my knowledge in visual design (about which I teach on the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht) and painting skills, which make me able to pick up or create any style necessary to set the right tone of the game or illustration.

The other part that makes me happy is to work together with people that are just as driven as me to create something beautiful and fun. I see game art as a puzzle, it is a lot of fun to find the best way to communicate an affordance and its purpose. I work in an iterative process, I value feedback on my work to make things look and communicate better. I can work independent, think along (not only on the art side) and take initiative and responsibility to make sure I make the best out of a project.
Are you’re looking for a versatile, independent and driven 2d game artist or promo-(key-) artist for your project or company? Then please contact me:

Sonja van Vuure
LinkedIn: Sonja van Vuure
Twitter: @sipsapson
Email: sonja.vuurig@gmail.com
Phone number: +31 (0) 6 38 32 9550

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