Lake videocover artworks

Developer: Gamious
Publisher: Whitethorn Games
Game Director: Dylan Nagel
Lead Programmer: Luc Schols
Technical Environment Artist: Jonathan van Immerzeel
Lead Character Animator: Lionel van der Kolk
Game and Narrative Designers: Dylan Nagel, Jos Bouman
Character 3D artists: Stijn Leidelmeyer, Rob Peerlings,
Environment 3D artists: Stijn Leidelmeyer, Frank Ruiter, Danique Slappendel, Zoë Baars, Yaro Copijn, Ivan van Dijk
Programmers: Ian van Heeren, Gijs Westerdijk, Johannes Melis, Marcus Bicker Caarten
Writers: Jos Bouman, Gerthein Boersma, Eva Nieuwdorp, Thari Schop
Music & Sound Design: Claynote

My Roles: Character Art Director, concept artist, Lead UI and texture artist.

One of my favorite pet projects within Lake was the creation of the video covers in the Video Rental Store (The Flick Shack).
Together with the writers we’ve set up a list of movies that were released around the time of the game (1986) and movieclassics that were released before that.
For every movie I created a ‘spoof’ version of the title and the cover. Everything is handpainted in photoshop. I created about two to three covers a day.

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2d game artist from The Netherlands
Instagram: @sonjavanvuure

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