LEGO: Nexo Knights Launch Campaign

Year: 2016
Made at: Mediamonks
Role: environment concept artist, interface designer

To launch LEGO Nexo Knights, MediaMonks produced an in-store game, VR installation and online quest platform. The VR installation allows kids to meet the heroes of the IP in person. Using Google Cardboard, kids can look around the Nexo Knights training ground for an interactive introduction to the knights and their signature moves. The in-store game uses motion-tracking to let kids play with the knights in a virtual training simulation using a real wand and Nexo Shield. But to become a real Nexo Knight, kids have to join our online Nexo Knights Academy to complete a series of IP-related quests.

In this project I’ve designed the environment of the VR app and the in-store game. I’ve also worked on the interface design of the game and VR app. Since the IP was already given form, it was a nice challenge to keep in line with the style and world of LEGO Nexus Knights.



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2d game artist from The Netherlands
Instagram: @sonjavanvuure

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