Cook & Match: Sara’s Adventure

Developer: Wanted 5 Games
Publisher: Azerion
My Roles: Art Director, 2D artist, UI artist.

Cook & Match Sara’s Adventure is a Match 3 game where you can fix restaurants and make them succesful again. It contains a story, divided into chapters, with new characters being introduced in every chapter. The characters are drawn in 2D and the environment and match 3 elements are all 3D. I worked closely together with a team of young 3D artist to set up the style of this game and I made the 2D part of the game myself. For the style of the game, I checked with a panel of women that were part of our targetaudience.

Every chapter of the story takes place in a different area. All area’s start in a messy, old state, which is meant to motivate the player to clean it up and make the area look good again.

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2d game artist from The Netherlands
Instagram: @sonjavanvuure

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