Inspired by the mythe of Circe, I joined forces with Charlotte ‘Madelon’ van Grunsven to work on a concept for a game called Circe. Circe is a small survival game. As Circe you are banned from Olympus and you are put on a small island (Aeaea). This island is full of nature and wild animals, which you can tend for and befriend to gather magic from the island. In this you will need to find a balance. Don’t overharvest your island or you will deplete its natural resources. But watch out that you don’t use too little either, because you will need to protect your island and your animal friends from outsiders!

With help from Stimuleringsfonds we were able to create a first few couple of iterations on the project.
My main focus was finding the right direction for the look of the game.
I had a very hands-on work ethic. I would work with moodboards, from that create a quick stylepaint and then immediately translate that paint to assets, to implement and test in Unity. By doing this, I was able to move quickly and get a good idea very early on in this project about what the style would be, how that would fit scope-wise and how we could make that style work in Unity.

Early style concept in Unity

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2d game artist from The Netherlands
Instagram: @sonjavanvuure

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