The swamp tribe

The swamp characters

For a personal project I’ve explored the theme of swamps and created several character designs with it, combining it with my own personal design taste (which is very much influenced by old asian cultures). I wanted to create a diverse set of characters, each with his/her own shapes and size, but with a consistent color scheme. I choose to limit myself to just line art, colors and very simple shading, to force myself to focus on the design of the character rather than the technical aspect of rendering a character. This also allowed me to keep a nice pace in this project. These characters live in a very secluded part of the world, of course in a swamp area. The swamp is their source of life. It gives them almost all the recourses they need, to get food, to make their clothes and houses with, and so on. The swamp tribe uses rituals involving the swamp, believing down the bottom of the swamp hides an entity, which they visualize as an eye, that takes care of the swamp. Making sure this swampgod is content is of utmost importance to the people of the swamp. One day a strange man visits the tribe, a missonary send by his faith to spread his religion and ‘help’ the ‘savages’. A clash of two cultures is inevitable, as the religion of the missonary comes from a culture and climate that involves very different living circumstances, leading to rules and values that are alien to the tribe.

Swamp dweller
The priestess
The missonary

The guard

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2d game artist from The Netherlands
Instagram: @sonjavanvuure

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