Control500 Cover

I had the honor to create the coverart for the first printed edition of Control500, which will be exclusively available at Gamescom, GDC Europe and Control Conference. Control500 is an online environment created by Control Magazine where game developers can share information about a certain subject they tackled during the design, production or release of their game.

For the commission Control wanted a person looking towards you, something dynamic with enough contrast. What kind of person it should be was open. The magazine is about Micro Mortems, which I associated with the future of game-design. So I created a futuristic game-designer. She’s using a see-through screen with a fancy interface to scan for useful information in Micro Mortems. I used Poser to create a simple 3D setup of the composition to get the perspective right. I painted the cover art in Photoshop and I used Illustrator for the futuristic blue interface.  The magazine cover that was shared by Control500 yesterday (when I’ve got the printed version, I’ll upload this post!) 11751861_1638562786360430_2138937293952002521_n And below a detailed crop and the version without the text. controlrgb_detail controlrgb2_sharp_med

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2d game artist from The Netherlands
Instagram: @sonjavanvuure

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