Advice Games’ Risk Game

Client: Advise Games
Year: 2015
Role: Visual Development, asset creation.

Around the end of 2014 and start of 2015 I worked on a great new game concept by Advice Games.
Advice Games is a very interesting addition to our game industry, creating games and gamified projects to help consumers get a better understanding of their finances.

The project is titled ‘Risk Game’ and is a game that helps people who are having problems paying back their mortgage in understanding how they are spending money and how they should change that pattern to become financially healthy.

Since the point of the whole project is to create a fun way to learn about something serious, the visual style should not imply the game to be a serious experience. Instead it should be fun, adventurous, open and approachable. We went with a colorful island setting, using nice flowy shapes, a bit of texture and an interface that contributed to the setting and the style.

With the project Advice Games is now nominated for several awards like the Finovate award, Dutch Fintech Award and the Innotribe award.

Some early style exploration

styleconcept_1 styleconcept_2 styleconcept_3

Some of the design variations for ‘Anchor Man’, the character who guides you through the game and give you financial tips. We thought of him as an former accountant, enjoying his old days on the islands. I started with kind of a wacky guy, no problems, go with the flow kind of type, someone who’s been alone on an island way too long. But later in the proces, we decided the Anchor Man should be more of a reliable person who you can take serious. Therefore he became more the retired teacher type of guy and we found him a wacky monkey.

Anchor Man Anchorman

And the results

advice_2 advice_4 advice_3 advice_1

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2d game artist from The Netherlands
Instagram: @sonjavanvuure

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