This is a concept of a game we worked on as Red Cape Games (with Guus Hoeve and Oscar Orton), made back in 2011. As a deal with Microsoft for their Windows Phones.

Blink is a puzzle game where you need to get through a level using the ability to change the perspective.

We wanted to share some art made during the concept fase.

The aim for Blink was to play with isometric perspective. A kind of perspective that’s not really natural. Because the environment was the puzzle itself, we needed to keep the art style simple and iconic. This way you can reduce the amount of visual noise and let the player focus on solving the puzzle itself.

colordesign1Color has been an important part of the visual style of Blink. We wanted to create a world that looked inviting.

Every level had its own color scheme, giving the player a feeling of progression.

lvl_1lvl_2 lvl_3

As you can see the levels are floating planes above a world of water. In an earlier version these levels were rooms with walls. But it turned out to get really complicated to view and understand the level: if you would want to see the whole level, the walls in the front of the level needed to be invisible, so that you can see the elements behind there. That was okay, until you changed perspective. Walls that were invisible because they were in the front, now get visible, making the player feel confused, because they suddenly have a change of landmarks.

voorbeeld_3Here was some tribal exploration for the culture and eyes of different characters.


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2d game artist from The Netherlands

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