In december 2012 we went to the Cultures at play Gamejam in Instanbul, together with Saskia Freeke.
The focus on this 48 hour gamejam was on Istanbul and its culture, and so we found inspiration in its Grand Bazar, at a stand where a man was making beautiful calligraphic paintings

This was our inspiration for the game Hattat. The mechanics are quite simple: go through a maze to collect silver stamps, without touching the walls. Touching the walls would ruin your hattat.

Afbeelding 1This is hattat, our source of inspiration.

We’ve made a couple of handmade versions of our own to explore the style and see how it would work as a game.

hattansonjaAfbeelding 4

Afbeelding 2Afbeelding 3

Implementing levels


level1_example1 level1_example2

Afbeelding 9
Creating a font

result_exampleA result of clearing a level: this player made a few minor mistakes, at places where he touched the wall you see some staines.




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2d game artist from The Netherlands

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