Paper paintings for The Dragonflow

These paper paintings were made for the storybook that is part of The Dragonflow game.

The Dragonflow is a puzzlegame where you need to guide a waterdragon over the land to give every piece of land the water it so much requires.
There are 50 levels and after every ten levels that you complete a new part of the story will reveal itself by adding color to the white paper.

A short summary of the first chapter (each episode of the game is a chapter):
A nymph rests in the clouds, when a weird cloud appears.
It turns out to be a plea for help from the people below.
She takes a look and discovers that the land is dried out.
She goes to the emperor of the land and asks for his help to bring water back to the land.
But the emperor dismisses her.
So the nymph decides to take action herself and summons her waterdragon.
The waterdragon waters the land, and the land flourishes again.

puzzle_1bw puzzle_1c puzzle_2bw puzzle_2c puzzle_3bw puzzle_3c puzzle_4bw puzzle_4c puzzle_5bw puzzle_5c

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2d game artist from The Netherlands
Instagram: @sonjavanvuure

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