Herrie in de Keuken

Last friday Frank ’t Hoen (Frank E Hollywood) and Sonja had the honor to make art for restaurant Il Mago, which was getting renovated by no other than Herman den Blijker for his tv show Herrie in de Keuken (Noise in the Kitchen). Our process was filmed by a cameracrew and will be shown on national television in about 5 weeks.

We had a great experience!
So here are some pictures of friday.

198677_10152845027860254_1572615054_n 248011_10152839042895254_1652072738_n 248094_10152863221190254_66338986_n 375001_10152863218770254_663047277_n 397400_10152863217530254_955281951_n 484506_10152863217760254_2001886319_n 644457_10152863218415254_693184207_n 941330_10152863220475254_677057481_n 944336_10152863219120254_1318711639_n 970529_10152863209250254_1138634475_n 971130_10152863217205254_603835229_n


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2d game artist from The Netherlands

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